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Publisher: Markets & Markets
Publication: Date: 206
No. of Pages: 6-Jan-12
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Ceramic Fiber Market by Type &  Applications (Global Forecast to 2016)

The report covers the major ceramic fiber markets; their geographical trends, and forecasts. The ceramic fiber market is divided into three key products types; viz refractory ceramic fiber, low bio-persistent ceramic fiber, and polycrystalline ceramic fiber. The report studies these ceramic fibers with respect to the key players, products, raw materials, and geographical trends of these markets. The ceramic fiber market is further studied from the applications perspective. The major on goings in the global ceramic fiber industry such as winning imperatives of market players and major burning issues are also analyzed.

The report,s major focus is on studying the major market players in the ceramic fiber industry that include Morgan Thermal Ceramics (U.K.), Shandong Luyang Share Co. Ltd. (China), Unifrax Corporation (U.S.), and Isolite Insulating Products Co. Ltd. (Japan). These companies are analyzed as per their market size, production capacities, products, and competitive development in the past few years along with future speculations. The study of prices of different ceramic fiber products for these companies form a part of analysis as well.

The ceramic fiber products have gained popularity owing to their properties such as energy efficiency, high temperature insulation, and low thermal conductivity. This has resulted in the increased applications of ceramic fiber products in diverse industries such as petrochemical, iron and steel, metal, and others. Consequently, it is vital to study this market according to its segments, opportunities, and growth prospective.

The report also analyzes the raw materials with respect to their cost, price, and importance in the ceramic fiber production. The policies and regulations related to the industry are also briefed in this report. The ceramic fiber production market share with reference to different geographies in different product categories including refractory ceramic fiber, low bio-persistent ceramic fiber, and polycrystalline ceramic fiber is analyzed.

The low bio-persistent ceramic fiber is gaining significant popularity owing to its non carcinogenic nature in contrast to the refractory ceramic fibers. As these fibers are the major categories produced globally. It is important to have an idea about the production split of these types in different regions. The report offers the percentage production ratio for refractory ceramic fiber and low bio-persistent ceramic fiber in diverse geographies which include Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America.

The major end-products for the ceramic fibers are blankets, bulk, board, modules, paper and textile, and others. The ceramic fiber manufacturers develop these end products in different formats based on densities, thickness, and other such specifications. These manufacturers have different production ratio within these products as well as are based on the industry usage and applications. This production ratio has also been well-defined; which gives an idea about the key end-products within the ceramic fiber market. It also provides a brief overview of these products in order to elaborate more about the application of ceramic fiber end products.

The report has taken into account the key competitive developments taken place for the key ceramic fiber companies; namely Morgan Thermal Ceramics, Shandong Luyang Share Co. Ltd., Unifrax Corporation, and Isolite Insulating Products Co. Ltd. The major competitive developments in which these companies are involved are acquisitions, product launches, and agreements and collaborations.

The major geographical regions that manufacture ceramic fibers are Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America. The report also details about these geographies as per volumes and value for ceramic fibers. This gives a clear picture about the dominating regions within the ceramic fiber industry that is in a direct proportionality with the major players/manufacturers in the ceramic fiber industry.

Finally, the report also profiles the major players mentioned above with respect to their business, products, developments, financials, strategies, and other company specific information. This gives a brief idea about the areas wherein company is progressing and the expansion and penetration, the company has been able to gain within the ceramic fiber industry.

Scope of the report

The ceramic fibers market research report is segmented by products including refractory ceramic fiber, bio low persistent ceramic fiber and polycrystalline ceramic fiber, and geographic break down covers North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, and rest of the world.

The market is further segmented according to geographic break down that is inclusive of China, Japan, South Korea, U.S., Canada, Germany, U.K., France, and Italy. Furthermore, the ceramic fiber market has been segmented based on the applications that include ceramic industry, iron and steel, aluminum, petrochemicals, and others.

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