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CBR’s market research solutions are focused on being both proactive & reactive in identifying, evaluating, and assessing the key strategic R&D and commercial issues within the pharmaceutical industry

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Global Drug Delivery Technologies - Innovation Driven by Rapidly Expanding Injectables Market and Increasing Usage of Complex Biologics during the Forecast Period Strategic Trends in Private Equity and Venture Capital Funding for Healthcare Stem Cell Therapies - Global Trends in the Competitive, Technological and R&D Landscape
Telehealth: Global Market Trends, Regulatory Landscape and Operational Strategies Biobanking: Developing Smart, Sustainable and Ethically Compliant Biorepositories for the Future Report on China's Hog Production and Pork Market 2017-2021
China Infant Milk Powder Industry Overview, 2017-2021 Pharmaceutical Deal Trends (2010–2015) and In-Depth Analysis of Recent Deal Activity Opioids Overview to 2021 - An Assessment of Pain Management and Dependence
Life Cycle Management Strategies - Optimizing revenues and defending generic competition Men’s Health - Changing male attitudes to health to improve prognosis and outcomes Women’s Health - Assessing the Need for a Targeted and Specialized Approach
Opioids Market Overview to 2023 - Opioids in Emerging Markets Pediatric drug development - Regulatory challenges and commercial opportunities Adaptive Licensing - A Holistic Approach to Drug Development and Regulation
Biosimilars - Biosimilars on the cusp of a new era Geriatric Medicine Development - Carving out New Opportunities to Treat Age-related Diseases Vaccine Development Strategies - Refocusing Efforts to Address New Challenges
The New Pharmaceutical Sales Force - Key Trends Shaping Future Sales Strategies Key Trends Shaping Future Marketing Strategies - Maximizing Your Online Channels The Pharmaceutical Industry 2009 - The Key R&D Trends Impacting New Product Development
Biosimilars - The Future Transformation of Product Exclusivity in the Biotechnology Arena The Obama Administration and the Pharmaceutical Industry - Overview of the 2009 Recovery Act and the 2010 Federal Budget Pharmaceutical Mergers and Acquisitions - M&A in the Biopharmaceutical Industry and the Impact on Innovation
Lifecycle Management Strategies - Key tools to maximize return on investment in a tough healthcare environment The Economy and the Pharmaceutical Industry - Adherence to Drug Treatments and How the Current Economic Environment is Affecting Patients Treatment Choices The Pharmaceutical Year in Review 2009 - Industry Trends and Lessons Learned
Managed Care Trends and Strategies - The Voice of Managed Care on the State of Relations Between Managed Markets & the Pharmaceutical Industry and Opportunities for Partnership Social Media and e-Communication within the Pharmaceutical Industry - Understanding the future of direct-to-consumer marketing Optimizing Pipeline Performance - Maximizing Future Sales Opportunities through Pipeline Optimization & Benchmarking Strategies
Emerging Market Strategies - Mapping the opportunities for pharmaceutical expansion The New Era of Healthcare Reform - Supporting Revenue Growth through Understanding and Adaptation The Aging Population - How and Where to Succeed with the Over 50 Crowd
The Perception of the Pharmaceutical Industry - What the Web is Saying About Health Care Reform, Drug Safety, And Prescription Costs Personalized Medicine - Opening Doors and Overcoming Challenges Managed Care and the Pharmaceutical Industry - Top Issues, Health Care Reform and the Inter-linkages Bringing them Together