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NRG Expert

NRG Expert is an independent energy market research and intelligence company. The company specialises in energy market research reports, energy market databases and energy consulting as well as detailed financial analysis and market forecasts. NRG Expert provides high quality research and data which is often hard to access elsewhere. The data and analysis produced is provided to the world’s leading companies, consultancies and government bodies, giving them the data and statistics they need to make tough, cost conscious decisions about their energy infrastructure, energy projects, and energy business development strategies.

Global Energy Market Reports

The energy market research reports and databases cover many topics. Here is a brief overview:

  • Electricity market research reports and data
  • Gas & Oil market research reports and data
  • Renewable energy market research reports and data
  • Water & waste market research reports and data
  • Coal Market research Reports and data
  • Nuclear market research reports and data
  • Smart grid market research reports and data
  • Metering market research reports and data

The collection of global energy reports and databases detail the facts which planners and companies need to be aware of.

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Electricity Transmission and Distribution Report & Database Ed 5 2015 Electricity Transmission and Distribution Database Ed 5 2015 Global Hydro Power Report
Global Hydro Power Report Shale Gas Report Coal and Clean Coal Report
Shale Gas Report

Global Nuclear Energy Report Oil Sands Report Global Smart Grid Report
Oil Sands Report

Energy Storage Report Global Geothermal Energy Complete Industry Report Wind Energy Report
Energy Storage Report

Wind Energy Report

Energy Security Report Global Natural Gas Report New Global Power Generation Projects Report 2012
Energy Security Report

Energy Efficiency Report Power Generator Report and Market Intelligence Global Guide to Water Waste Utilites
Oil Reserves & Shale Oil Reserves Global Desalination Report 2012 New Global Power Generation Projects Report 2012
Utility Metering Deployments Report and Database Global Regulators Database Electricity Deregulation Report
Gas Deregulation Report Water Deregulation Report Multi Deregulation Report and Database Package 2012
Gas Deregulation Report

Solar PV Report World Biofuels Report World Biomass Report
Solar PV Report

World Biofuels Report

World Biomass Report

Global Ocean Energy Report Global Renewable Energy Report T&D Database and Report
T&D Database and Report

Electricty T&D Database - global Electricity T&D Database - regional Electricity Intelligence - The Global High-Tech Power Market 2012-2016