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TechNavio is a leading technology research and advisory company with a global coverage. They focus on emerging technology trends that can shape the market. They identify and explain these trends to their customers to help them take better decisions.
TechNavio models the trends using a mix of quantitative and qualitative tools in its proprietary research methodologies. They build forecasts across market segments and geographies based on the trends identified. These forecasts and analysis are used to help their customers identify new and existing opportunities in their markets. They also help customers assess their competitive position in a changing market scenario.
TechNavio was founded in 2003 in London.They have about 200 analysts globally. They cover more than 500 technologies across 80 countries. Their analysts are closely monitoring the market every day by talking to all the industry participants. They have proprietary databases that provide them with a complete perspective of the market. TechNavio develops over 2000 pieces of research deliverables every year.
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Performance Nutrition Market in the UK - Market Analysis 2015-2019 Portable Generator Market in Europe 2015-2019 Pressure-Sensitive Tapes Market in North America 2015-2019 
Retail E-commerce Software Market in EMEA 2015-2019 Rolling Stock Market in Europe 2015-2019 Water Purifier Market in India 2015-2019 – Research and Industry Analysis
CAD Market in Australia 2015-2019 Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Market: Global Report 2015-2019 Confectionery Market in the US 2015-2019
Education ICT Market in Brazil 2015-2019 Electric Bus Market in China 2015-2019 Elevators and Escalators Market in Germany 2015-2019
Elevators and Escalators Market in the UK 2015-2019 Erythropoietin Market in Japan 2015-2019 Food Packaging Machinery Market in North America 2015-2019
Frozen Yogurt Market in US 2015-2019 General Lighting Market in Brazil 2015-2019 General Lighting Market in BRIC Countries 2015-2019
Global 2D Gesture Recognition Market for Consumer Electronics 2015-2019 Global AC Drives Market 2015-2019 Global Advanced Polymer Composites Market 2015-2019
Global Air Cargo Security and Screening Systems Market 2015-2019 Global Aniline Market 2015-2019 Global Application Processor Market 2015-2019
Global Automotive Brake Friction Materials Market 2015-2019 Global Automotive Head Gasket Market 2015-2019 Global Automotive On-Board Diagnostics (OBD) Market 2015-2019
Global Battery Charger Market 2015-2019 Global Binders Excipients Market 2015-2019 Global BioMEMS and Microsystem Market in Healthcare 2015-2019
Global Biopreservation Market 2015-2019 Global Blister Packaging Market 2015-2019 Global Cervical Cancer Market 2015-2019
Global Cloud Based BPO Market 2015-2019 Global Commercial Aircraft Autopilot System Market 2015-2019 Global Concrete Superplasticizer Market 2015-2019