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Over the past 20 years, JustPharma's analyst has written more than 50 major reports and numerous articles for many leading trade publishers. Those on global pricing and reimbursement (including the first ever journal dedicated to P&R, Pharma Pricing Review), European integration, parallel trade, wholesale and retail distribution, hospital drug procurement, orphan drugs, generics and Japan have become industry standards. These topics will be further developed and others added by the author, but only from now under the justpharmareports label. If you are tired and confused with over-complicated Powerpoint presentations that tend to lose all meaning over time, you will welcome the clear, succinct and eminently readable style of justpharmareports, where the emphasis is on imparting understanding.
Every report deals with the subject comprehensively in a neutral, fact-based manner. Each is based on up-to-the-minute research by the author - largely primary research in the field - among leading experts on the topic concerned. All have a logical layout and are clearly indexed. As well as major reports you will find occasional short briefing notes and articles on topical subjects.
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Pharmaceutical Pricing & Distribution in Japan, 2014 Update Pricing of Medical Devices, Diagnostics & Medical Equipment in Japan Orphan Drugs in Europe: Pricing, Reimbursement, Funding and Market Access Issues, 2013 Edition
Risk Sharing and Other Forms of Managed Entry Agreements for Medicines, Worldwide Pharmaceuticals Market Access Taiwan Biosimilars: Current Situation & Future Prospects, Worldwide
Pharmaceutical Pricing & Distribution in Japan, 2010 Update Orphan Drugs in Asia-Pacific: From Designation to Pricing, Funding & Market Access Market Access Korea: Breaking into the Developed World's Fastest Growing Pharmaceutical Market
Distribution and Patient Support for Speciality Medicines in Europe Prospects for Legalizing Drug (Re-)Importation to the United States Complete Guide to the 2009 PPRS, NICE & other Pharmaceutical Cost Containment Measures in the United Kingdom