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PearlDiver Technologies

PearlDiver was founded by Robin R. Young CFA, a former equity research analyst with extensive experience in the life sciences industry and Benjamin B. Young, a nationally recognized leader in database architecture, analysis, and simulation modeling.

PearlDiver is building the largest online repository of healthcare data and information. More than 60 clients rely on PearlDiver's healthcare databases for fast and intuitive access to healthcare data.

The Company's expertise in high-speed data analysis and processing plus access to a unique combination of patient and related health care data has made PearlDiver an essential data, consulting, and advisory service for orthopedic medical professionals and their suppliers.

PearlDiver has built one of the largest healthcare databases in the world with more than 2 billion HIPAA-compliant patient records. From this base, PearlDiver is able to offer hospitals, medical professionals, medical device company executives, analysts, and regulatory agencies critical insights and actionable information.

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