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Mobile Youth is a youth agency established in 2001 by Graham Brown and Josh Dhaliwal for the purpose of tracking emerging trends amongst young mobile consumers worldwide. In the company’s early days clients were primarily telecommunications and handset OEMs. The agency now shares its insights on youth marketing and culture with sports brands, soft drinks labels, banks, ad agencies, record labels, television channels, online social networks, games companies and a whole array of youth-focused brands.

What is the MobileYouth Report?

The 2013 Mobile Youth Report is a collection of 29 individual reports each available for individual purchase.

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mobileYouth 2011  Report mobileYouth - Handset Report 2011 mobleYouth - Youth Loyalty and Churn Report 2011: Reducing the Churn
mobileYouth 2011 Report

mobileYouth - Rural Report 2011: Understanding the Rural Experience mobileYouth - Content and Applications Report 2011: Youth and the Mobile Internet mobileYouth - Charts and Data 2011: Country Data and Graphics
[2013 Report 1] The 15 brands that will define mobile in 2013 [2013 Report 2] The mobileYouth Economy: The hidden value in mobile's long tail [2013 Report 3] Do mobile handset brands need to focus on the youth market
[2013 Report 4] How can mobile handset brands win the hearts & minds of customers [2013 Report 5] Is price the #1 consideration for youth handset purchase [2013 Report 6] Avoiding the Pink Phone Syndrome: How can mobile brands win the female market
[2013 Report 7] Role of smartphones in the social lives of teenagers [2013 Report 8] How are ethnic youth shaping the future of mobile behavior [2013 Report 9] How can Samsung beat Apple
[2013 Report 10] HTC, Huawei, LG, Motorola, Sony & ZTE: How can they beat Apple & Samsung [2013 Report 11] How can mobile operators win the youth market [2013 Report 12] Do mobile operators need an MVNO or sub brand to target the youth market
[2013 Report 13] What is driving the prepaid resurgence [2013 Report 14] How can peer-to-peer customer service reduce costs and increase loyalty for mobile operators [2013 Report 15] How Can Word of Mouth Grow Subscribers
[2013 Report 16] Does Price Impact Youth Loyalty [2013 Report 17] Mobile Music: How can operators build a successful music offering for young customers [2013 Report 18] BBM, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype or Twitter: What is the future of mobile messaging
[2013 Report 19] Teens - Instagram's growing vocal minority [2013 Report 20] Youth mobile shopping: make it social [2013 Report 21] What do youth want from mobile payments
[2013 Report 22] Social Media Best Practices: What can mobile brands do to engage youth on social media [2013 Report 23] Why should mobile brands focus on mobile video [2013 Report 24] Who are Fans and how can brands identify their Fans
[2013 Report 25] Youth & Retail: Why should mobile brands focus on retail [2013 Report 26] How can mobile brands involve youth in their marketing and product development [2013 Report 27] Parents, Friends, Social Media or Ads: What infuences youth purchase decisions
[2013 Report 28] Why should mobile brands focus on customer service [2013 Report 29] What metrics should mobile brands use to measure marketing