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Mobile App Policy Violations – How Serious Is The Problem?

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Mobile App Policy Violations – How Serious Is The Problem?

Companies that make smartphone apps for social media outlets such as Twitter, Foursquare and Instagram, routinely gather the information from personal address books on the phones and in some cases store it on their own servers.

Both Google and Apple have tools built into their platforms that force developers to notify users what data, if any, they plan to access. Once they have users’ permission, for instance, Android developers can access their call logs and text messages. Developers can easily find themselves in trouble if their app uses or shares personal data in the form of geo-location, audio content, or video content without the knowledge and in many cases approval of the users. Apple and Google app stores already have more than 2,000,000 apps and these continue to grow, making it extremely challenging to manage and monitor them for the privacy policy violations.

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