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Fleet Telematics Market on the Upswing

Fleet Telematics Market on the Upswing

Fleet telematics technologies are being widely adopted across a wide range market segments, such as urban buses, motor coaches, taxis, emergency vehicles, rental fleets and light commercial vehicles. These segments have traditionally not been heavy users of fleet telematics and their embrace of the technology shows that field telematics has gone mainstream. Field telematics technologies are already widely deployed in police cars, ambulances and fire department fleets.

Factors impacting widespread use of field telematics include cost savings, driver safety and passenger convenience. As a result, the commercial telematics industry is witnessing strong growth. According to the research report, " Fleet Management Market," the global fleet telematics revenues will grow from $8.7 Billion in 2013 to $27.3 Billion in 2018. Another study, "Global Commercial Vehicle Telematics Market 2011-2015," says that 42% of the vehicles in commercial use will be equipped with telematics systems by 2015.

Fleet Telematics System

Benefits of Fleet Telematics Systems

    • Increases productivity
    • Reduces labor costs
    • Controls fuel costs
    • Improves customer service
    • Increases fleet safety and security
    • Reduces operating expenses
    • Reduces unauthorized vehicle use

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