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Nanotechnology Market Analysis

Nanotechnology Brings New Solution for Skin Care

Nanotechnology is an expanding field with tremendous potential for society and medicine. This is the science of small; really small things. A nanometer is 1 billionth of a meter!

From a biological standpoint, the nano-scale is very important, because it is the size range at which most life processes occur. As the size of material decreases, the physical, optical, and chemical properties of matter; all depart from their bulky counterparts and unique properties emerge. These properties permit the design of therapies that are specific, adaptable, and targeted.

The cosmetic industry is very interested in nanotechnology as it can transform the cosmetic care products available in the market. The global over-the-counter skin care market is estimated at $12 billion per year. Annual sales of skin treatments account for $7 billion in the United States alone - a market that is expected to grow as society ages. Nano sunscreens, nano antioxidants and nano-based pain-free cosmetic treatments are some of the ways in which nanotechnology is fighting for your skin.

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