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Smartphones and retail industry

Shoppers Who Use Smartphone More, Shop More

Smartphones are taking over the retail experience, allowing customers to buy goods and services in stores. In addition, cellular technology allows customers to compare products by simply scanning a bar code with their devices.

A general consensus is that shoppers who use their smartphones more, shop more. The Google Shopper Marketing Agency Council, formed to advance the understanding of how online and offline behavior drives purchase considerations, says:

79% smartphone owners are smartphone shoppers,
90% of smartphone shoppers use their phone for pre-shopping activities
84% of smartphone shoppers use their devices while in a store
50% of smartphone shoppers use their phones for more than 15 minutes per store visit

Apple is dominating the transformation of retail experience around the globe. Apple allows customers to make payments through their iPhones and iPads using the company’s Easy Pay app in all of its 412 stores located in 14 countries.

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