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Andrew Roscoe
Member, Board of Advisors

Andrew D. Roscoe, a career executive with more than 25 years of experience, has a proven record building and advising companies in the wireless and government contracting sectors. Since September 2012, he is serving as Senior Vice President for Operations and Business Development at Astrapi Corporation, a telecommunications technology firm, in which he leads corporate efforts on strategy and partner development, particularly in defense and cellular backhaul markets.

Mr. Roscoe is also Director of Research and co-Managing Partner in One Orange Feather, providing marketing, research, and corporate process consulting to government contractors and trade associations. He is a recognized leader in the technology industry, having been involved in the development and implementation of critical telecom and IT technologies worldwide. He has provided strategic guidance to telecommunications carriers and manufacturers and trade associations.

Mr. Roscoe has held executive positions for firms in the sectors of telecommunications engineering and construction, telecommunications management consulting services, and government contracting. He has managed several wireless firms from startup through multiple growth phases to successful M&A exits, including The Strategis Group, Integrated Site Development Company, and O2 Wireless Solutions, Inc.

A popular keynote speaker and author of many articles, Mr. Roscoe has appeared on television in support of telecommunications issues. He was named as one of the most influential people in the cellular industry by Cellular Marketing Magazine, and served as the Chairman of PCIA’s Marketing and Consumer Affairs Committee during the development of the 3G cellular standard.

Mr. Roscoe holds a BA in International Affairs and an MA in Economics, both from the George Washington University.