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Market Analyst eBook Reports
What You Need to Know!

A value-added distributor of market research, Market Analyst™ is the only company in the world that sells market research in the form of eBook Reports. Our professionally-produced eBook Reports are extremely high-quality and are based on recognized industry standards, enabling them to be read on virtually any mobile device, such as tablet computers, eReaders, and even smartphones.

Buy an eBook report from our catalog, and you will get a PDF version of the report free of charge. Click here for a listing of our current eBook Reports.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Market Analyst eBook Reports?

eBooks are electronic documents that are optimized for viewing on mobile devices such as eReaders, tablets, and smartphones. eBook Reports are market research reports from our publisher partners that we convert from a format such as PDF to a reflowable eBook format optimized for reading on mobile devices.

Why should I buy an eBook Report from Market Analyst?

If you use a tablet, eReader, or smartphone to read PDF files, you already know that it can be confusing and frustrating to view them on these types of devices because PDF files are not easily reflowable. Put simply, PDF files don’t adapt well to various sized displays and devices. Our reflowable eBook Reports are designed to make document viewing easier and more convenient on those devices

In addition, we strive to ensure that the eBook Reports we make available in our webstore are high-quality, and retain the integrity and quality of the reports as provided to us by our publisher partners.

Are all your reports available as eBook Reports?

Because we are a pioneer in offering eBook Reports as a value-added distributor, not all market research reports are currently available as eBook Reports. We are continually working with our report publisher partners so we can offer all reports as eBook Reports. We are also working hard to increase our report publisher partnerships in order to offer the widest selection of reports from our webstore.

What if a report I want is not available as an eBook Report?

Please let us know right away. We will work with the publisher to see if we can meet your needs. We expect to quickly expand the number of our publisher partners who have joined our eBook Report program.

How does Market Analyst ensure that each eBook Report is high-quality?

Our market research report conversions adhere to the highest industry standards of eBook conversion. We have spent a great deal of time reviewing and then hand-selecting reputable partners to perform our conversions. These carefully chosen partners specialize in digital content production and management, and perform consistent quality control on each conversion.

What eBook Report formats do you support?

The market research reports converted by Market Analyst are offered in both EPUB® and Mobipocket® (Mobi) formats. Between them, these formats cover virtually every mobile device such as tablets, smartphones, and eReaders including Amazon Kindle®, Barnes & Noble Nook®, and SONY® eBook Reader, to name a few. They also include smartphones such as the iPhone® and all kinds of Android® devices from a variety of manufacturers.

How do I know the right eBook Report format for my device(s)?

EPUB is the de facto eBook format standard supported by companies such as Apple® and Sony. The Mobipocket format is optimized for Amazon’s Kindle devices. In addition to supporting these current standards, Market Analyst is working with its partners to prepare for the future versions and standards.

Can I read an eBook Report as soon as I download it on my device?

Yes, any eBook Report should be immediately available for reading after it is downloaded.

If I buy an eBook Report will I still get the PDF version?

Yes. All Market Analyst reports are available in PDF. When you buy an eBook Report we will provide the PDF version to you free of charge at this time.

Can I download an eBook Report immediately after placing an order?

It usually takes about three business days before we can send the report to you in an eBook Report format; although a few reports may be available immediately after order payment is confirmed. Remember that you will receive the PDF version of the report as well as the eBook Report. You can expect to receive the PDF version as soon as possible, without the delay you might experience in receiving an eBook Report. As our conversion library grows, more and more reports will be available upon order payment confirmation, without a delay.

If you have any additional questions, please email Market Analyst at or call 703-740-9172.