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Payment Options

MyRewards Program

Our MyRewards Program is our way of giving something back to our loyal customers. You earn points based on the amount of money you spend in your store. These points can be redeemed for store credit which is 5 percent of the total value of a purchase. This store credit is in addition to any discounts you may be getting or coupons you may be using.

How the MyRewards Program Works

Once you place an order and it is marked as “Shipped,” you accrue MyRewards points that you are able to view by logging into your account on our store. On the My Account page, you will see a link to the MyRewards page.

On the MyRewards page, there is an option to redeem points for store credit. Here you can choose how many points to redeem.

Once you choose to redeem your points, store credit in the form of a gift certificate is created and assigned to the customer's record. When you place an order, your redeemed points are automatically be deducted from the total order amount.

MyRewards store credit is automatically applied to the first order placed after points are redeemed (and to the next order after that if there is any credit remaining and so on).