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Decision Makers’ Views Affect the Mobile Enterprise Device and Application Trends
One-third of the organizations are issuing Smartphones to their employees

Falls Church, VA., February 21, 2013 -- Market Analyst, LLC, a value-added distributor of market research reports and business information, announced today that the decision makers’ views heavily affected the mobile enterprise device and application trends in 2012.

According to a report added by Market Analyst to its research portfolio, about one-third of the organizations are issuing Smartphones to their employees. The emphasis is more on Smartphones than tablets. Investigations of the workforce across various parts of the United States reveal that these devices are being issued to slightly remote and mobile employees. However, more and more traditional, in-office workers are choosing to bring their own Smartphone devices to work. The report by Frost & Sullivan is titled “2012 IT Decision Makers’ Views of Mobile Enterprise Device and Application Trends”

The focal point of the report is to measure the usage of mobile phones within enterprises in US, with special emphasis on Smartphones and tablets. According to the data gathered; organization-issued mobile phones to in-office employees are seen as more of an option or privilege since these workers are already connected to the office. As for those, who bring their own devices to work; most organizations are allowing these devices on the premises but with varying degree of support.  A large proportion of these organizations are not supporting these devices on their networks.

The most widely used applications are wireless email and PIM (Personal information Manager), and the report predicts that their uptake rate is sure to surge in the coming years. The same goes for applications solutions which allow company asset tracking and hosted/cloud based applications which provide out-of-the-box solutions and are preferred over the custom solutions.

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